Amazon en route launching a smartphone?

by Darcie | Friday, Jul 13, 2012 | 486 views

A new feature in the gaming platform of the Kindle Fire hints toward the fact that the company might be working more on the Kindle Fire Device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. The new platform which has been named as the GameCircle, rolled out on Wednesday, has similar features as the social gaming network of Apple, the Game Center.

However, Amazon has been successful in tapping into its cloud power by offering the players something that even Apple couldn’t, a capability to sync which can save all the information of the player securely on the cloud. In short, syncing will allow the players using Amazon’s social gaming network the ability to save the games on the cloud and returning to the game from wherever they left. Another noteworthy feature is to allow users to sync a game and witch between Kindle Fire devices and returning to the game.

This feature seems interesting, as there is only one Kindle Fire device in the markets. Therefore, a syncing feature can be helpful only if the person has more than one Kindle Fire’s or unless Amazon has designs to come out with a Kindle Fire device in the likes of a smartphone or a tablet.

This syncing feature has caught the attention of a lot of market analysts, who believe that the next logical step for Amazon would be the launching of a smartphone, but the firm is more likely to roll out an upgraded Kindle Fire tablet prior to that. There is less likelihood of an Amazon smartphone before the first quarter of 2013. This is one of the biggest advantages of Cloud, storing content that can migrate between devices. Therefore a natural extension would be the adding of more devices to enable the mixing technique.

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