Aquasil International posts Shocking Results

by Darcie | Saturday, Feb 4, 2012 | 447 views

The stock returns of Aquasil International have been shocking. Historically they company has never been able to give returns at such precedent levels. The company has recently appointed a new CEO. This was the only news that came from the Aquasil Stable. The company announced today that it has appointed Mr. James Brooks as the new President & CEO and Director of Aquasil International Inc. after the resignation of Mr. Robert Baker who will remain as a Director and officer of the company.

Mr. Brooks has also been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005 by Ernst & Young in Canada, was nominated for Top 40 Under 40 by Caldwell Partners and a member of the Messenger Courier Association of the Americas. Mr. Brooks speaks French and Spanish fluently and has limited abilities to speak Mandarin and Russian.

The company was in the news recently on acquisition of intellectual property rights. The company acquired the rights in exchange for the issuance of 14,000, 000 shares of the corporation’s restricted common stock. The stock is not retreating in an big manner. As volumes have slid down for the fourth day in succession. The company is also trying to set in place its funding requirements. Aquasil, Inc. intends to engage in the marketing and distribution of “Mineral Silver Water”. However, as of Aug 29, 2011, the company is still looking for funding to start-up its operations, while its 10-Q is full of losses.

Fundamentally the company is deep in the red. The company has been making losses over the quarters. We maintain a short sell on the counter as the trade charts reveal one can buy the stock at lower levels.

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