Central European Distribution Corp(NASDAQ:CEDC)’s shares decline – NBG, DCTH

Northern, WI 04/09/2013 (usastockreport) – Central European Distribution Corp (NASDAQ:CEDC) produces, imports, and sells alcoholic beverages such as vodka. The company is currently down by 40.66% to close at $0.190. The stock previously closed at $.320 and opened at $.21. The 52 week range is $.1815 – $5.77, so the stock price today is at the very low end of the 52 week range. The market capitalization is $14.65 million with a volume of 3,901,587 outstanding shares with the average being 1,978,680. In February the stock drastically dropped from $1.60 per share to $.60 per share and has been struggling ever since. It has just been announced that Central European Distribution filed for bankruptcy on 4/7 which will remove around $665 million off the company’s balance sheet. Unfortunately shareholders of the company will end up with close to nothing according to analysts.

National Bank of Greece (NYSE:NBG) is currently closed at $0.635 which is down 11.81%. The stock opened at $0.64 and previously closed at $.72. The 52 week range is $.61-$3.25 with a market capitalization of $607.01 million and a volume of 2,676,009 outstanding shares. The EPS of the stock is -.275 with a beta of 1.88. The stock plummeted by 30 percent after the company shared the news that the merger with their rival Euro bank, had been suspended by the state. In addition to this news they shared that it is unlikely they will be able to raise enough capital to stay safe from a state’s rescue of the bank.

Delcath Systems (NASDAQ:DCTH) stock is down by 6.78% trading at $1.65. The stock opened at $1.68 and had previously closed at $1.77 on Friday. Today’s range has been from $1.66-$1.72 and the 52 week range has been $1.01- $3.22. The market capitalization is at $127.83 million and a volume of 2,429,908 shares outstanding with an average shares outstanding of 2,539,130. The stock has a beta of 2.66 and earnings per share of -.85. Delcath Systems focuses their medical device company in the oncology sector of healthcare. In today’s news, The FDA has extended their review on Delcath System’s experimental liver cancer treatment, Melblez.

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