Cisco acquires software security firm Virtuata

by Tom Carlson | Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 | 590 views

 Cisco Systems Inc has said that it bought Virtuata, a private security software firm, which would give Cisco, the company which has high acquisitive networking, fresh tools for cloud computing and data center infrastructure.

Cisco is at present in the middle of a turnaround after the restructuring last year for focusing on the core areas such as routing and switching gear for shuttling data between computers. Cisco has said that it has been benefitting out of the need by telecommunication and other firms for robust networks for supporting mobile and cloud computing.

The new deal, according to the firm, is well aligned for their strategic goals for developing innovative virtualization, security technologies and cloud, while cultivating top talent at the same time.

The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed yet and the Virtuata team, from Milpitas, Calif will be joining the data Center group of Cisco.

Cisco has been one of the most active buyers in the Silicon valley historically and has been recently focusing on acquiring start ups and small firms. In recent times, it agreed upon buying Truviso Inc, which is a maker of reporting software and real time data network analysis. Also, in March it agreed on buying ClearAccess, maker of customer-premise equipment management software.

Earlier this year, Cisco had also agreed upon acquiring NDS Group Ltd., the video-software maker , in a deal worth $4 billion. This was one of the biggest deals by the firm in last 2 years and reflected Cisco’s focus on video.

In May it had reported increased fiscal quarter earnings for the 3rd quarter , for 2nd consecutive quarter , with strengthening of the margins and revenue for the firm.

The shares of the firm were down by 1.2 % at $16.12 and have dropped almost 18 per cent in the last 3 months.

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