Citi, Google and “fiscal-cliff” to remain in focus next week

by Tom Carlson | Sunday, Jul 15, 2012 | 498 views

Earnings outlook are likely to get more and more attention, with the companies in US approaching the so called “fiscal-cliff”, from the investors in the upcoming week as compared to the quarterly results themselves, as per most of the market analysts.

Given the fact that almost one third of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and over 80 of the S&P 500 Index firms set to report in the upcoming week, most of the experts in the market are looking into the 2nd quarter earnings with lowered expectations and an eye on the outlook for the next quarter.

What the markets will be viewing, will be the guidance. In the next week, investors would either like to see an improvement or things unchanged.

That would be a challenge, given the fact that the economic growth in the US has been hitting bumps repeatedly and there have been massive slowdowns in Europe and China, which has dried up the revenue for the multinationals.

China has reported that its economy expanded by only 7.6 per cent in the 2nd quarter, which is the weakest growth in the last 3 years.

On Monday, earnings are scheduled for the likes of Citigroup Inc  and Gannett Co.

On Tuesday, Johnson and Johnson Inc, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Coco Cola Company, yahoo Inc and Intel Corp will be reporting the earnings.

Following this on Wednesday, the quarterly results for Bank of America Corp. , IBM, Qualcomm Inc., American Express Co and Abbott Laboratories will be on the tap.

On Thursday, Microsoft Corp along with Google Inc will be announcing their results which will be wrapped by GE and                 Schlumberger on Friday.

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