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Northern, WI 04/11/2013 (usastockreport) – The hybrid cars that have been launched by Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) (Closed: $13.12, Up by 2.50%) have garnered a large amount of interest among buyers. The car-maker is expecting to make record sales of these cars in the United States. Buyers are also getting these cars outfitted with safety and additional technology options more often than if the car models are traditional power train ones. In the first quarter, the company has delivered 21,080 hybrid cars. Ford said that this was the first time that they had exceeded the 20,000 mark in a quarter.

Overtaking the leader?

The technology named MyFord Touch is available in 70 percent of Fusion Hybrid cars that have been sold. This system an optional one and is part of a $650 add-on. In comparison to this, less than half of the conventional Fusion cars have it.  Since 2011, five new electric-power, car models have been introduced by Alan Mulally the Chief Executive Officer. This has been an effort to nudge the TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TYO:720) (Current: 5590.00 JPY, Up by 4.69%) competition out of the way. The latter is the undisputed U.S hybrid market leader.

Attraction quotient

The tides seem to be changing a little bit and Ford sales have been gaining while Toyota sales have been on the down-slide  Ford still has a long way to go before it catches up with Toyota though. The Ford Group marketing manager for electrification C.J. O’Donnell said that the very fact that the demand for these options is increasing, means that a larger number of customers are now getting attracted to the new hybrid as well as plug-in hybrid technology. Some very affluent customers visit the showrooms and inquire about the C-Max and Fusion hybrids.

Making progress- one mile at a time

Ford’s hybrid sales have increased four-fold from the same quarter in 2012. At that time, the car-maker had delivered less than 5,000 of these vehicles. Toyota on the other hand sold 22,140 of its Prius vehicles in March. This number exceeds the sum total of all hybrid Ford models that were sold in the entire quarter. Just as My-Ford Touch have had a larger number of takers, so also the Ford blind spot and line-keeping system is being fitted on more Fusion Hybrids. This system makes use of laser technology to warn the drivers that they are falling out of line while on the road.

Other popular optional technology that customers request for are the driver assist package and the automated parallel package. Ford is hoping to better its 2013 sales and out do the current Hybrid market leader, Toyota.

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