Ford (F) Unveiling New Concept Car, The Lincoln MKC

Michigan-based car manufacturer Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is today unveiling a concept small-version SUV, called the Lincoln MKC, at the North American International Auto Show (commonly referred to as the Detroit Auto Show). Ford wants to tackle a profitable and fast-growing segment of the market that will hopefully help revitalize the Lincoln brand.

The new car is a luxury compact SUV similar in size to its cousin, the Ford Escape. With the new Lincoln, Ford wants to enter a segment of the market that they hope will attract younger buyers to the Lincoln brand, and of course increase sales. Although it will not go on sale until next year, it should signal to dealers and potential customers that Lincoln intends to be a player in this market segment.

Ford is hoping that this car, along with three other new vehicles, will reinvigorate the Lincoln brand. Ford is confident that this concept will successful and that it will leave capture a mark in the market share. The market is crowded – but has been, and is expected to continue to be, a growing segment.

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