General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) To Own And Control IT

by Fiona Gabriel | Tuesday, May 14, 2013 | 730 views

Northern, WI 05/14/2013 (usastockreport) – The General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) (Current: $31.54, Up by 1.74%) is all set to wire and connect every length of its automotive value chain through its move to build new data center at Milford, Michigan. The company plans to increase its in sourcing of Information Technology services to 90 percent from the present 10 percent.

Data center at Milford, Michigan
In addition to $130 million facility at Warren, Detroit suburb, General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) had planned to start the construction of its new data center, $158 million facility at Milford, Michigan. With these two data centers, General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) aims at replacing 23 data center networks operated by General Motors and three outsourced information technology suppliers.
General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) aims to become self sufficient by internal sourcing of information technology services. The company has planned to spend $546 million for the development and equipment of the two data center facilities at Michigan. With the present strength of 1500 in house IT workers, General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) aims at adding 7500 more IT workers to enhance its systems capacity.

Goals of CEO
The Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM), Dan Akerson aims to attain core competency in the IT services required for its operations. He insists on updating the company’s financial and computer reporting systems to match with the latest technologies. Further, the CEO of General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) also works vigorously towards refreshing the product line and plans to introduce 20 new or refreshed vehicles in the US market this year.
The auto maker has also planned to expand such data centers in locations like Warren, suburban Atlanta, suburban Phoenix and Austin, Texas. All these plans of data centers for General Motors Corp. (NYSE:GM) are aimed at attaining core competency in IT systems.

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