Higher wind energy duties for Chinese and Vietnamese Companies

by Loventrice Farrow | Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 | 540 views

There was an imposition by The United States, for the increase of the import duty on the wind towers formed by CS Wind Corp. and the Chengxi Shipyard Co. from the introductory levies forced in the beginning of the year in an endeavor to put off the undercutting by the products made in Vietnam and China in the domestic industry.

The Wind Tower Trade Coalition (WTTC) based in United States had complained to The US Department of Commerce in December 2011 and after this there was an imposition of preliminary duties in July.

As per the Commerce Department, the final rate of 21.86 percent for the CS Wind Corp. is required to compensate the subsidies by the government. The below cost rate which would avert the sale of the products in the Unites States is set at 44.99 percent for Titan Wind Energy Suzhou Co. and 47.59 percent for Chengxi.

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