HWI Global Faces Price Volatility

by Tom Carlson | Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012 | 469 views

HWI global is a stock that has caught our attention off late due to the sudden price volatility. The company has been a stranger on the charts for so long. However increase in volumes over the period has suddenly made the stock an attractive one due to strong technicals. Fundamentally, the stock has nothing in it. The company has done nothing over the past four years with losses accumulated and no performance to show the stock is a complete sell if one goes by fundamentals.

To be fair most of the stocks on the otc have been recording losses over the period. The company presently sits on a loss of over $ 38,000. While there is no evidence so far there is anything illegal taking place, traders may want to use extra caution when making up their mind about HWIC.


Now when one looks at the stock, the charts seem to provide a favorable position on the counter. HWIC is currently well above all the trend lines and back testing levels. This has previously not reflected on the stock till about October.  HWIC is back in play. RSI smashed the center line, a pretty good indication that momentum is on HWIC’s side for the first time in months. MACD took a big jump above signal and above zeroWe would maintain a buy on the stock due to the above mentioned reasons. We would also wish to state that investors should not go by the fundamental of the stock as the financials of the company would not merit a buy at the moment or the near future. Technically this is a buy for the next few weeks unless we see signs of reversal.


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