Microsoft wins patent case against Google’s Motorola unit

by Fiona Gabriel | Thursday, May 24, 2012 | 522 views

In a ruling by German court , Motorola Mobility has been found guilty of infringement of Microsoft patents allowing long text messages to be fragmented and then reassembled by the handset that is receiving it.

This will be the first patent ruling against Google after it took over Motorola Mobility. Microsoft is in a state , as a result of the ruling , to demand for a ban of Motorola products in German markets. However, according to the signals coming through it would rather be preferring a licensing fee. Google has said that it will be thinking in terms of an appeal against the ruling. In its statement earlier , Google had said that its acquisition of Motorola was to prevent the Android software from anti-competitive threats posed from the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

Motorola and Microsoft have been involved in a series of clashes this past month over patent disputes. AT the start of the month , Motorola had bagged the rights to recall or destruct the Xbox 360 and Windows 7 from German markets. ITC judge also recommended for import and sales ban over the Xbox in US as well , however a Seattle judge ordered Motorola from holding off such bans until rulings on related complaints were made. Microsoft had won a patent victory against Motorola over the handset maker using appointment scheduling patent in its Android devices. Microsoft , the maker of Windows software, has already made likes of HTC , Samsung and others pay for use of its innovations in their software based on Google’s Android.

The present dispute is over a patent which is “ communicating multi-part messages between cellular devices using a standardized interface”. The utility was designed to tackle problems resulting out of messages which are greater in length than 160 characters. It describes the way for fragmentation of the long text into small units and then the reassembly in an application present on handset of the receiver. Florian Muller , Microsoft’s patent advisor , was present at the ruling and said that Google could find itself in difficult situation if it refuses to pay the licensing fee. As the patent is covering a operating –system function , modifications made by “Googerola “ to Android would result in complications for it. Applications making use of messaging layer of Android will have to rewrite their codes.

Google, meanwhile, has said that it will wait for a written ruling till June 1 and upon reviewing the decision will take appropriate course of action.

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