Obama To Address Gun Violence Today

One month after the elementary school shooting in Newton, Connecticut that left 20 school children and 6 school employees dead, President Obama is expected to make an announcement regarding gun violence in America later today at 11:45 EST .

Gun violence arises from any number of influences and conditions, but issues related to gun control arouse the most passion.

Some of the issues related to guns that President Obama is expected to address include universal background checks for people buying firearms (along with better record keeping of the mentally ill), restrictions on the loosely defined category of guns referred to as assault weapons, restrictions on large-capacity magazines and the ability of the U.S. government to collect data on gun violence. Other, not gun-specific, topics might include the influence of violent video games and movies.

Even before Obama’s announcement, there is already a lot of opposition to any possible regulations related to guns from the gun lobby and many powerful politicians – and especially from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Most agree that the key to changes in gun control by Congress is quick action. Historically after well-publicized gun-related incidences have inflamed the public, time has been a friend of the gun lobby. Proposals are referred for more study, and die in committee after things cool down. So expect Obama to call for quick action by Congress, and to issue some executive orders (which can be rescinded by future Presidents) in the meantime.

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