Optex Systems Holdings shares surge over 300%, another pump by ThePennyStockHero

by James Karedelli | Tuesday, Mar 12, 2013 | 520 views

Boston, MA 03/12/2013 – Shares of Optex Systems Holdings (PINK:OPXS) have gained more than around 167% in trading, with its share price moving from an opening price of around $0.03 per share to around $0.27 per share. This Richardson, Texas based company is a maker of optical sighting systems, primarily for the U.S. Department of Defense. The company’s products are used in the Abrams and Bradley fighting vehicles as well as with other light armored and small arms systems used by the military.

More than around 7 million shares of Optex Systems Holdings have traded. It is the third highest gainer in the OTC venture marketplace, trading a dollar value of $0.2 million on around 450 trades, making it a highly active issue in this trading session. The company has a market capitalization of around $3 million and has seen its revenues in decline over the last 3 reporting quarters.

ThePennyStockHero.com is the pumper behind today’s surge in OPXS share prices. This the same promoter that pumped CYIG on March 4th, FORC on Feb 22nd. Shares of related company SDS Star Defence (TLV:SDS) are also trading up, although not as high as those of Optex Systems Holdings. The current share price for SDS Star Defence is around $50 per share, up around 1.5%. This company is an Israeli based maker of defense support systems.

 Speculation is that Optex Systems Holdings may be on the verge of a large defense award, although no news of any such contract issue has been issued by the Defense Department, or its contracting partner General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD).

 Shares of Optex Systems Holdings (PINK:OPXS) are up by 167% trading at $0.20.

Shares of General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE:GD) were down by 0.51% to close at $68.81

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