Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) Issues Fix for Java Security Bugs and Upgrades Analytics in Oracle Retail Data Model

by Dagmark Garcia | Friday, Aug 31, 2012 | 982 views

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ:ORCL) has issued an emergency fix for flaws in its Java software that leave computer vulnerable to hackers. Updated versions of Java are available on Oracle’s Java download page.

According to reports, Oracle has been aware of the problem, but is just getting around to fixing most of the flaws. This has caused something of an uproar in the tech sector.

On Wednesday, Oracle also announced improvements to Oracle Retail Data Model, a “standards-based, enterprise-class data warehouse that helps retailers gain the insight required to improve the customer experience, increase margins and drive profitability.”

The most recent version of the product incudes “new forecasting features that provide retailers with actionable insight regarding price elasticity, workforce optimization, customer sentiment, customer segmentation”, plus advanced analytics for more subject areas. It has also been optimized to work with other Oracle data applications.

At the market open on Friday, ORCL gapped upwards to $31.46 from Thursday’s closing price of $31.17.

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