Oracle starts busy trial season against Google

by Tom Carlson | Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 | 404 views

In a high stakes dispute over smartphones technology , Oracle Corp is expected to go to trial against Google Inc. , a case which might shape up into an intensity driven year for enterprise software giants in the courts. Oracle has claimed that the Android OS violates intellectual property rights over the Java Programming language while Google has said that there is no case of violation of patents as Oracle doesn’t possess copyrights over every part of the language .  The jury selection for the case is set for this Monday.

The case marks the beginning of a busy season for Oracle in courts this year with four big trails scheduled for this year , three in Northern California and another one in Nevada. The other cases involve copyright infringement with SAP AG , a case against Hewlett Packard over Itanium microprocessors and another case of copyright issues with Rimini Street. Fighting so many cases can not only be distracting for the firm but also financially non viable . But given the aggressive reputation of its chief Larry Ellison , Oracle wouldn’t retreat so easily.

And even though the case might sound risky for Oracle , the strategy could very well pay off if they  win damages in the trial and given the huge money in the Android market , its no surprise that Oracle is willing to spend what it takes for this case . Though the larger question is , does it get a piece of Android in the bargain.

Oracle had sued Google way back in August 2010 over patents issue after it acquired Sun Microsystems . The damages for the seven patents estimated back then was around $6.1 billion , though Google has narrowed then down to only two patents in the given time so that the possible damages they could be now looking at would be considerably smaller.

Oracle in the current petition is seeking damages in copyrights worth $1 billion and they have rejected Google’s offer for settlement which stands at $2.8 million along with 0.% % of Android revenue over the patent which expires December 2012 and another 0.015 % on the second patent which expires in 2018.

For the war against Google , Oracle have roped in Michael Jacobs , who was a key figure in Apple’s patent war with Samsung while for the other cases they have taken to David Boies , who had represented Al Gore in 2000 presidential recount. Google on the other hand have recruited Robert van Nest , a famous San Francisco litigator . The trail is scheduled in three different phases , patent claims , copyright liabilities and other damages .

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