Pentagon to use Lockheed Martin Corporation(NYSE:LMT) defense programme

by Eric Jacobson | Thursday, Apr 4, 2013 | 634 views

Northern, WI 04/04/2013 (usastockreport) – The U.S defense department said that it anticipates a threat from North Korea’s ballistic missile. In order to mitigate the threat, Pentagon will be deploying a missile-defense system in the coming weeks, to Guam. U.S forces are stationed in there as are some U.S citizens and the deployment will help in adding some power to their defense capabilities. Thaad or the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Program is being developed by Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) (current: $95.09, Up by 0.08%). It is a land-based system which has launchers that are mounted on trucks and is used in the interception of missiles.

Endless aggression

This is the U.S military response to the perceived threat in the area and two navy destroyers had been deployed to the western pacific area this week as well. In a statement the Pentagon said that the United States is wary of the incessant North Korean provocations and the aggressive and offensive stand that it is taking. They said that America is well-prepared and ever ready to take on any threat and will protect its interests, its citizens, its territory and its allies. The U.S looks upon North Korea as a real and potent danger to the country and its allies in the region and has been urging the North Korean leadership to ease off its aggressiveness, comply with its international obligations and choose to live peacefully.

 Repeated warnings useless

All these ministrations seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Chuck Hagel the defense secretary said that the current North Korean regime that is headed by Kim Jong Un has nuclear capacity and is capable of delivering missiles as well. He said that in recent weeks the country has been getting increasingly antagonistic and their interactions have had very dangerous shades. Some of the actions that have been taken by North Korea show very clear signs of danger and a threat to America’s interests and that of their allies. Not only have they threatened the American presence in Guam but have threatened the West Coast of America and Hawaii as well.

A large amount of ammunition

The U.S is working very closely with South Korea and China and looking for a solution that will alleviate the current volatile situation. The Obama administration is planning to deploy regional missile defense to the Middle East in direct opposition to the medium and long-range missiles that Iran has there and the Thaad interceptors are the highlight of this defense plan. In the fiscal year 2012, the Pentagon spent $999 million on buying 42 interceptors as well as various other associated components. In the past North Korea had threatened to launch an attack on South Korea and had announced that it will resuscitated one of its plutonium-generation plants which had been under dust sheets for some time.

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