Smart Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SMT) Thriving for Global Presence

Boston, MA, 03/21/2014 – Westcon Group has been appointed as global distributor of Smart Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SMT) for collaboration solution for meeting rooms. This was done as there was growth in demand for smart enterprise solution product.

Westcon Group has itself established as a multinational specialty distributor of networking technology products, data center and security solutions. They have over 100 offices and they ship to more than 100 countries speaks about the strong presence of the company.

Agreement Beneficial to Both

The SAMRT enterprise solutions products will be distributed by Westcon in Northern part of America, South America, Middle East and Africa and in 13 European countries. It will provide customer opportunities across the world via its Global Deployment Services Program.

The Westcon Group Executive VP, Global Partner Management Bill Corbin said that to increase workplace productivity and proficiency integrated communication is the need of the hour.  Smart Technologies is the right at the center of this change.

By collaborating with Smart Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SMT) the Westcon is upbeat as this will provide the great opportunity for them to grow. The strong presence of Westcon Group will provide easy delivery option for SMART’s business products

Wider Reach for SMART Technologies

Westcon will serve as conjunction point between with the World and SMART’s business products. It will take care of order managing, shipment and business requirements.

It gives the chance to SMART’ to spread its wing in the global market and it will increase their sales.

The President, Enterprise for SMART Technologies, Scott Brown said they strive for innovation and want to change the view how the world works and learns. They want their customers to give unique experience of learning and want to free them from age old meeting room experience. He further stated that Westcon Group due to its towering presence in all the major country serves a perfect foil for Smart Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:SMT).

The partnership will be beneficial to both companies and SMART tech will be able to provide its product to worldwide customer. So it can expect a surge in its sells if all things go as per the planning.

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