Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Is Getting Into Unchartered Territories

by Sean Patterson | Saturday, Nov 30, 2013 | 2008 views

Boston, MA, 11/29/2013 – When we talk about undersea routes there is a great history involved in all this. It was in mid late 19th century when a British engineer Isambard Brunel made his first attempt to create a great undersea pass under the Thames River in London and when the 2nd attempt was made and a railway tunnel was made under the river. Since then there has been numerous attempts that have been made to go beneath the sea and explore the new route.

Here is the detailed description of this concept developed and what we can expect for the future.

The Latest Undersea passes developments

Recently Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced it will try to create a supersonic train that will pass under the sea and will be powered with the help of an air pressure. The train will move inside a tubular tunnel and will move at supersonic speeds. As the main highways and roads are becoming overcrowded this is seen as a great development as such innovations might help the cities to solve their traffic problems and the clogged roads might breathe freely.

In order to make all this reality the auto major is trying to seek help from major oil companies as they are into sea bed drilling and installation of pipes under the sea. There is also a great possibility of installation of huge pre-fabricated section of tunnels under the sea that will act as a strong base for implementation of this concept.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) believes that this technology can be combined with some path breaking technologies which can produce great results. Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) also believes that in order to move under the sea at supersonic speeds requires smooth propulsion and this can only made possible with the help of following techniques and technologies.

Grid-Scale Compressed Air Storage

This technology is already being used by different Gas exploration companies and in this technology they keep the natural gas in a compressed manner under the giant underground caverns. This gas is then released by measuring the seismic pressure and then slowly the rock movement happens.

Supersonic Air Flow

With this technology the upstream pressure is kept higher than the downstream pressure which results into tremendous speeds called as supersonic speeds. Such Grid-Scale compressed air storage and supersonic air flow technology is already in place in Germany and efforts are being made to expand this technology in the coming future.

The Road Ahead

All these technologies and functionalities are being discussed across the world by different scientists and one such case is under discussion by few Chinese scientists as they plan to connect major coastal cities of China. If they succeed then there are chances that the entire Taiwan will witness the onset of this path breaking technology and large number of people will benefit from these new underwater routes.

When we look at the commercial aspect of this technology being implemented there seems to immense potential involved. This statement stands true in the case of connectivity between the East Asian Coastal Cities and Middle Eastern Coastal cities because there is a huge and big market for parcel freight and human passenger transportation on these routes.

Now it is to be seen that how humans will achieve this astonishing feet which has the power to solve lot of problems.

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