New Year New goals

How many times have made some resolutions and we don’t accomplish them? Almost always… Why do we set up ourselves for that failure every year? We are human. We want to accomplish and succeed at a goal we set up for ourselves. We want to say… Done! I did it! It makes us feel good…. But when we don’t then we down ourselves and berate ourselves for not accomplishing that goal.

It’s good to set goals. It’s good to try to achieve something…. But maybe let’s not set it up for disaster by going with the mob mentality of doing it on the day of New Years… Maybe try setting a “small” goal every month… Example… “I’m going to try to clean my hallway closet.”… Give yourself a month… if you don’t do it… try again next month…. Or enlist help… or do it by sections every week or two… Be sensible about accomplishing the goal. If it’s not done was it really a priority? Wasn’t it better just to get some sleep that month?

Don’t’ sweat the small stuff. Live your life on your terms. Let the crowd do its thing. You do what makes you happy and at peace.

Rimi Singh, MD

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