Bill for Safeguarding Food Safety to be Out Soon

by Tom Kelly | Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 | 423 views

A bill is going to be introduced soon to put a curb on the food adulteration that is going on across the town. This statement has come from the Domestic congresswoman, Rosa DeLauro. The chief aim is to protect the food items from any type of food borne diseases and signify on the food safety. She recently expressed her views in a press conference stating that is impossible to rely on any private food inspector who often have been found to have ties with the different food companies and give them good credit rating, when their product isn’t worth of it. Therefore this kind of a practice is not acceptable in US as many a time it has been observed that such companies and their respective farms are swarmed by bacteria and other infectious germ particles.

She acknowledged the person by stating that time has come when everyone has their due role to play and that they do have a major impact on such decisions. Further, the deputy commissioner of the Food and Drug Adulteration has added further stated that they are going to launch an investigation of two farms soon in Mexico.
Border Inspections

Reports have stated that nearly 48 million Americans have been known to be falling ill each year and as many are hospitalised. Therefore, there should be an increase in the number of inspections that are conducted at the Mexican border. DeLauro further added that she would be pushing the various agencies to check what is making the private inspection companies incapable to do what they are supposed to.

The problem lies in the fact the findings are always done secretly due to which the public isn’t quite aware of what is happening around them.

Stopped procurement

DeLauro has added that this is a tough time and it is important to unite the different food agencies to get back in action for the Health and Welfare of America. Being a citizen of America, she said she will make all possible efforts and invest for the long term benefits in society.
Impedance on the conflicts

The congresswoman was affirmative while stating that the conflicts should be stopped with all the food inspection companies. FDA wasn’t too keen due to the conflicts of interests and the people getting under this race.
Imported Shrimp

At least one top manager of any food company lays stress on fixing the safety system for the people and their wellness. The food industry has to be responsible while taking supple decisions.

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