China Fruits Corp (OTCMKTS:CHFR) surges on awareness program

by Liza Smith | Saturday, May 25, 2013 | 515 views

Boston, MA, 05/24/2013 – China Fruits Corp (OTCMKTS:CHFR) gained more than 250% today after an uncompensated stock promotion program was launched by thepennystockhero and stock mister. The stock opened at 0.035 compared to the previous close of 0.018 and reached the days high of 0.101 within minutes of the open. More than 1.39M shares were traded today and CHFR finally closed at 0.052$.

CHFR back in 2012 had reported over $3.7MM in revenues. For the first 3 Months of 2013, CHFR reported revenues of over $730K.  According to the report CHFR as of 12/31/12 had OVER $6MM in Assets.

Below is the business Description of CHFR according to the PR issued by the company link to which is provided above;

“Since the reverse merger was consummated, CHFR have continued operations of Tai Na, a company which is principally engaged in the manufacturing, trading and distributing of fresh tangerines and other fresh fruits in the PRC. Tai Na is located in Nan Feng County, Jiang Xi Province, a well known agricultural area for tangerines in China. The geographic advantage offers additional benefits us with our quality control and lower manufacturing costs. CHFR own its primarily facility in Nan Feng County which consists of a total land area of 782,765 square feet, including manufacturing plants of 391,081 square feet and office buildings of 50,720 square feet. CHFR have been focused within our industry since 2005 and we believe we have obtained a solid reputation and a good working relationship with the local government due to our continuous contributions to the local economy. During 2012, with the support from our local government, we utilized an area of 98,505 square feet to establish an Express Export Zone (“EEZ”) with the purpose of exporting fresh tangerines and other fresh fruits. The government departments including Customs, Inspections and Clearing have setup a satellite office onsite to facilitate the process. We believe the setup of this EEZ is good for us to improve our operating efficiencies and also serves as a bridge connecting local enterprises to the world and benefits our local economy.

In order to effectively maintain the quality of tangerine, we have a set of temperature and humidity auto-control equipments with capacity of 1,500 tons. We also have two automatic product lines to select fruits, the hourly process capacity of which is 10 ton/hour and 15 ton/hour, respectively. During the year of 2012, our total production was 2,000 tons. We expect the production capacity will reach 2,500 tons in 2013 due to the improvement of production efficiency.

Since 2007, we have expanded our sales network by setting up the franchise retail stores for fresh fruits and related products. We also relocated our headquarters to Beijing, which we believe will have a positive effect on our corporate image and marketing strategy. In order to create our brand identity efficiently, we plan to acquire or form joint venture with the existing profitable and middle-size retail stores. We provide the stores with our standard management systems, supplies, as well as remodeling to unify store display, color and sign pursuant to the franchise requirements. We currently have six franchise retail stores in Beijing area, of which four stores are wholly owned by us under direct management, and two stores are managed by the franchisees. In 2013, we will evaluate the operation in the existing stores and replace those in poor performance with new stores. We expect the total number of franchise stores to be increased to seven by the end of 2013.

The franchise retail stores build up the direct channel between the end users and us, which facilitates the process from our manufacturing plants to the markets, benefits us in adjusting our business strategies when market changes. In addition to our own products, we also work with our strategic partners to diversify the fruits in our store and ensure the prompt delivery. We believe we can expand our market shares through an effective and efficient franchise retail network. We expect more market shares via brand recognition in the near future.

In addition, we believe a sound warehouse and logistics center will help us to improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Especially for fresh fruits, the prompt handling and delivery is significant to reduce loss from spoilage. Therefore, we focus on establishing a systematic logistics center to support the expanding retail network. On March 3, 2012, we entered into a five-year lease agreement for warehouse and logistic space of approximately 26,700 square feet to store, select, pack and deliver fresh fruits. After the full operation of the logistics center, we believe both operating expenses and cost of goods sold will be reduced due to large-scale purchases and delivery”

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