China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR) (NYSE:CHA)…The David And Goliath Story Retold

Boston, MA, 03/21/2014 – China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR) (NYSE:CHA) the smallest of three companies ruling the China Telecom market posted a positive surge in its stock prices. The upward trend might be attributed to the surging 3G market which has been booming thanks to an exponentially growing mobile subscriber base.

China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR), making hay when the sun shines

The improving share value of China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR) might be attributed to the disturbed times that its competitors face itself in. China Mobiles the largest player has been faced with rapidly falling shares value amidst disappointment from its customers due to its inability to overcome technical issues. These issues have prevented it from being able to support Iphone in China.

The second largest player, China Unicom faces its earnings depleted by a VAT revision that is eating into its profits.

China Telecom Corporation Limited (ADR) posts growth

China Telecom has reported growth of 18.7 percent which might be another reason why the company’s stocks impressed the market. The company has also recently entered into a partnership with American firm Guardtime to improve security concerns of the electronic data being transmitted across the carrier’s lines.

Guardtime is a provider of security solutions for telecom companies


Also comes the news of this Chinese state owned telecom major opening news centre in Chicago. China Telecom Americas will be providing telecom services to multinational and organizations that need to collaborate with the Chinese markets and those of other Asia Pacific countries.

With continuing growth being exhibited by China and other countries in South East Asia the region has been seen as highly lucrative prospect by oversees businesses. For these companies China Telecom Americas will be the one stop solution to address all their communication needs in the region.

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