China Teletech Holding, Inc. (PINK:CNCT) pumped by stock promotion program

by Paul Wilson | Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013 | 674 views

Boston, MA, 02/20/2013 – Yet another stock awareness program launched by and Stock Psyco has sent share prices of China Teletech Holding, Inc. (PINK:CNCT) (the “Company”, “CNCT”) surging.

CNCT is primarily engaged in the sale of pre-paid calling cards and integrated mobile phone handsets and the provision for mobile handset value-added services mainly in Guangzhou City of the People’s Republic of China. The Company, while being committed to mobile communications services, is also involved in other sectors such as the mobile telecommunications business cards marketing, research and development of telecommunications software technology and investment projects. Major partners of the Company include China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom.

 The last press release issues by the company was way back in Dec 2012 wherein the company had announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Travelnet Guangzhou Limited on Dec 1, 2012 for cross-selling collaboration to sell CNCT’s pre-paid calling cards through Global Travelnet’s online stores and to sell Global Travelnet’s travel products through the magazine stalls under contract with CNCT.

At about 9:48 EST, shares of CNCT were trading with a huge volume of about 2.25M shares and at $ 0.18.

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