Chrysler sales for April Soar , Ford , GM go down

by Paul Wilson | Monday, Apr 30, 2012 | 505 views

The auto sales got off with a bang for April with Chrysler reporting a momentum carrying it to a 20.4 percent rise in its vehicle sales for a straight 25th month.

Volkswagen also showed a steep thirty percent gain , while Toyota was up by twenty-five percent. The news for the Ford Motor Co. on the other hand was not so good , as its sales went down by another five percent for the month . The case was similar for GM , whose sales were also down by eight percent.

Chrysler Group LLC in its latest report said that they sold 141,165 units which is much more than 117,225 units from April last year , with all the Jeep , Dodge and ram trucks , Chrysler brand showing hefty gains in percentage. The sales for Fiat also soared by a remarkable 336 percent , even though its off a low base in its markets in the U.S.

In its latest figures , Chrysler beat , for a consecutive 14th month , all the industry average sales , as many models were seen breaking records.

Chief Executive of the Dodge Brand said that the strength of sales in April was a clear evidence of the product , quality and the fuel efficiencies of their vehicle lineup currently .

The sales for Ford , came down from 189,778 to 180,350 , however the Edge and Fusion models set new record fro April.

The demand in the vehicle industry is currently driven by fuel efficiency. Fuel economy is the primary reason today for buying new cars which can be seen from the 77 % rise in the sales of Ford  vehicles having the EcoBoost engine in the month of April.

The slump in the fleet sales and the flattening retail sales continued at General Motors , with sales down by eight percent , even so the number of 213,387 vehicles was better than the expectations of the analysts. In its statement , General Motors said that with the economy going forward they expect gradual improvement . Strength  in sectors like manufacturing and retail is likely to create more jobs which will help the consumers come out of recession and that will create more confidence and vehicle sales will also go higher both for the industry as well as General Motors.

With Volkswagen seeing a jump of nearly 32 percent in its sales and experiencing the best April since 1971, it could very well mark the return of the car –maker  in the U.S market. Volkswagen  ,encouraged by the strong sales will be investing more in its infrastructure to sustain the growth.

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