Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) Begins Seattle-London Heathrow Service

by Paul Wilson | Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 | 4891 views

Boston, MA 04/01/2014 (usastockreports) – Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) made another milestone in its rapid expansion plan for the year, launching daily nonstop flights from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to London Airport, Heathrow. This is part of Delta’s joint venture with virgin Atlantic as it tries to expand its wings into the European transportation network.

Delta Airline joint venture with Air France KLM and Alitalia will offer Seattle based commuter’s nonstop world class travel experience to Paris and Amsterdam while also providing connection services to more than 150 destination across Europe. The launch kick starts the airlines exciting planned strategic growth not only for the company but also for customers

Delta Airline taps into the lucrative New York-London Fliers

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) has outlined a series of plans of trying to tap into the lucrative market of business travel that is common between with New York and London routes. Through its partnership with Virgin Atlantic, Delta airlines plans to boost its profile with elite executive travelers who usually make up this routes.

 The New York route is popular with Wall Street executives who usually make business trips more often to London. This route is highly lucrative as it is marred with the cream of the society in terms of worth, who is usually more than ready to pay any amount for their trips across the Atlantic.

Impact of Delta partnership with Virgin Atlantic

Delta partnership with Virgin Atlantic has been rewarding in a sense that the airlines revenue for last year was up by 3% to a high of $5.7 billion. Delta has also reported that its corporate customer interest as a result of the joint venture has significantly increased with the trend expected to continue this year.

Before the partnership, delta airlines only offered three daily nonstop flights from New York JFK airport to Heathrow but has consequently increased that tie to 9.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. (NYSE:DAL) stock continued to surge in the market moving up by 3.34% in Monday trading session to close the day at a high of $34.65.

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