FAA nods- The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) Dreamliner will hit the skies again – 9201, 9202

Northern, WI 04/22/2013 (usastockreport) – A three-month-long grounding later, the United States regulators are ready to give their nod to the changes that have been proposed for the lithium-ion batteries of the The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) (Closed: $87.96, Up by 2.14%) 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This opens up the runway for the two of the jets biggest operators, Japan Airlines Co Ltd (TYO:9201) (Closed:4325.00 JPY, Up by 1.65%) and ANA Holdings Inc (TYO:9202) (Closed: 206.00 JPY, Up by 0.98%) to ask for domestic clearance for restarting flights. Some people who have not identified themselves said that the FAA has agreed that the redesigned hardened case, the smoke-vent system and added circuitry protection will ensure safety of the aircraft.

Flying over water

It is not yet clear when the official announcement will be made. The modifications to the aircraft commenced yesterday and the U.S Federal Aviation Administration said that the directive to permit the flights to resume will be issued next week which is once the battery fixes have been made. An FAA spokesperson, Laura brown said that the Dreamliner will be permitted to take flight for 180 minutes from any nearest airport. This will enable it to be used for over-ocean routes. The deliveries of this particular model to eight airlines had been halted post the grounding and getting the aircraft in the air was critical for the company.

The fire incidents

Regulators across the world had followed the Jan 16 FAA directive to ground the planes after two different incidents in which the battery’s had caught fire and emitted fumes. In January, a Japan Airlines Co Ltd (TYO:9201) (Closed:4325.00 JPY, Up by 1.65%) 787 battery had caught fire in Boston. Days later a ANA Holdings Inc (TYO:9202) (Closed: 206.00 JPY, Up by 0.98%) Dreamliner aircraft had to be force landed post a fire outbreak in it engine. In 2013, Boeing is working towards doubling its 787 production to fill the backlog of over 800 orders for the aircraft whose list price begins at around $207 million. There had been over three years of delays post which the eight carriers received the jet from Boeing. Commercial service started only in late 2011.

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