Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): New Attention On The Internet Security

by James Karedelli | Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014 | 1142 views

Boston, MA, 03/19/2014 – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)‘s chief security officer Joe Sullivan said today that he has full confidence in the company’s expertise in guarding the technical security. At Facebook, the security team is embedded across every corner of the company, so any data or access sensitive department has security researchers, hinting to protect against government surveillance.

The history reminds

Edward Snowden incidence is a shocking reminder of how insecure the online interaction is due to spyingware instilled by everywhere by various governments, Sullivan says Facebook hasn’t changed its business moral, it’s just being more clear about it. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been talking against unauthorized government surveillance, that United State is a bad player on the NSA scandal. He even made a personal to Obama to express his frustration.

That doesn’t mean Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is against teaming up with the authorities for the necessary improvement. Sullivan says that when Facebook is under severe security attacks, it does resort to law enforcement, in that context we’ll request investigations and build our own proactive referrals to law protection.

Faccebook Security Architecture

The fight never ends

Along with Google and its sensitive info inside Gmail, Facebook is one of most fragile target for the hacking. Its business model is built on comfortable interation of personal information. A security calamity could damage that confidence, and excluding the user traffic on the ads page.

That’s why inside the company, Facebook has actually tried to practice of guarding security as a common habit, such as having security teams try every high-end technique they can develop to hack Facebook while the rest of the company plays a role of security guard.

On the technical side, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is constantly improves its security threshhold. Adding SSL/HTTPS to encrypt delivering in 2011 and making it the default setting in 2013, Facebook now uses Perfect Forward Secrecy to strengthen SSL, which respectively is all for one, and one for all solution. It has also doubled its encryption key size from 1024-bit to 2048-bit RSA keys last year, which is bettering the encryption for the links between its data centers.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), it’s a company maturing, and on the Internet, the state of security is in a constant state of improvement.

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