Frontier Communications Corp (NASDAQ:FTR) Signs A Partnership Agreement With Dropcom

Boston, MA 04/01/2014 (usastockreports) – Frontier Communications Corp (NASDAQ:FTR) has seen its secure business unit sign a partnership agreement with Dropcom Inc., a leader in Wi-Fi video monitoring and camera systems. The partnership will allow Frontier customers full access to Dropcom products especially on Dropcom award winning ‘Dropcom Pro’, which is a $199 wireless video monitoring system with an embedded two way audio and night vision capability.

Dropcom Pro camera is unique in the sense that its sensor camera is twice as big as the previous models, thus allows the camera to capture more light and giving it the capability to deliver better pictures with enhanced zoom capabilities.

Benefits of the new partnership

Frontier customers will now be able to use Dropcom Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras and optional cloud recording, to remotely have full access of their homes, babies, pets and businesses through a computer or tablet. The drop cam camera will come with Bluetooth LE making it an ideal hub for connected homes.

Frontier Communications Corp (NASDAQ:FTR) secure technology is dedicated in ensuring that all aspects of customer’s digital life is highly protected. This has been made possible by Dropcom redefined home monitoring system that has been proved to be highly effective in capturing everything, from burglars to baby first steps as well as ensuring full security to small businesses.

Frontier Key strengths in the industry

Frontier Communications Corp (NASDAQ:FTR)’s stock continue to surge in the market as the company continues to show strengths in key areas such as,  improved net operating cash flow which has increased by 7.16% on a year over year basis to highs of $420.29 million. Its growth rate has consequently surpassed that of the industry average that stands at 4.60%.

A gross profit margin of 46.88% is ideally perceived as strong in the industry although its net profit margin of 5.74% still trails that of the industry average.

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