Glu Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ:GLUU)’s shares upbeat – NVAX

Glu Mobile Inc. (NASDAQ:GLUU) is currently trading at $3.01 per share, which is up by 5.99%. The stock previously closed at $2.84 and opened this morning at $2.98. There are currently 7,116,607 outstanding shares with a market capitalization of 198.47 million dollars. The average volume of these shares are 3,757,370 with a 52 week range of 1.99 – 5.90. The earnings per share of the stock is -.32 with a beta of 2.83. Glu Mobile develops games for the users of smartphones and tablets. The company has been in the news for being a great stock to invest in because of the popularity of smartphone and tablet games. Profit margin for the company has increased 7.1% in the last three year as well as the earnings per share increasing by 47.5%.. Unfortunately the company has yet to reach a year where the realized a profit with little to no free cash flow. The company has responded with real money gaming integrated into their games which has been said could jump revenues. Analysts have noted that this year may be the first year for the company to realize profits.

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) is up by 2.07 % and is trading at $2.47. There are 2,138,645 shares outstanding with a market capitalization of 358.65 million dollars. The 52 week range of the stock prices are $1.12 -$2.54 and an average volume of 1,004,470. The earnings per share is -.22 with the beta of the stock at 1.32. Novavax is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on proteins to cure or stop infectious diseases. The company’s stock rose last week when analysts said that the company could be asked to deliver a vaccine for the avian flu that has affected China. News earlier this month could have great benefits for the company as well. Novavax announced that the clinical trial for their RSV vaccine in women of childbearing age supports the idea for the trial to move to the next stage. This vaccine puts antibodies into women which can naturally be transferred to their children in the womb, which will decrease the number of RSV cases significantly.

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