Google Inc.’s (GOOG) Search Engine And Gmail Are Banned In Iran

Many Muslims throughout the world are protesting against an anti-Islamic movie made in the U.S. Now Iran says that it will restrict the access to the Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) search engine and Gmail products, officially because parts of the movie were posted to Google’s YouTube was already a target of Iranian censors.

The ban was announced on Sunday by a government deputy minister. Abdul Samad Khoramabadi, an advisor to the public prosecutor’s office, stated that Gmail and Google search will be restricted nationwide until further notice. This announcement was also spread via text messages on cell phones.

However, many Iranians get around government filters by using virtual private network (VPN) software. So this is really just a first step in terms of blocking Google. Reportedly, Iran is working on a larger project to wall off free use of the internet – a project that will at best be completed next year.

Let’s check out how the stock was did in its last trading session:

GOOG‘s trading volume was slightly above its 30 day average. The stock, after opening at $731.00, hit high of $750.04 and then closed at $749.38, – a gain of 2.10%. This was on a day that the NASDAQ Composite Index and the Dow Jones Industrial average both fell. The stock has continued to rise in overnight trading.

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