HWI Proves to be One Volatile Stock

by Dagmark Garcia | Friday, Feb 17, 2012 | 504 views

(OTC: HWIC, HWIC message board) has been jumping up and down all the time. The stocks over the past six months have been trading in a volatile manner. The stock climbed up Yesterday, close to 6%, while trading 290 thousand shares on the market. Though, HWI is not giving up so easy. The stock does not have any news around it. There seems to be a conscious pattern of price level increase.  In any case, considering the fact that HWI has not released any news on its activities recently, alerts remain the only option for getting the gain.

The company does not have good books to shows for its strength. Over the past two quarters companies generally in the OTC have witnessed pressure on its top line and profits as soaring costs and decrease in consumer spending has resulted in negative results. However, there seems to be change in the environment in the US. Low unemployment rates coupled with appreciation of the dollar has provided an impetus to the OTC stocks.

At the same time, it turns out that the company has tried this method before. In mid-August, HWI was part of another promotional campaign, which ignored completely the latest financial results of the company.  The chart below shows that the company volumes have increased over the past weeks. The DMA indicates the company is showing signs of weakness. The volumes generated over the past weeks have dies down. One can follow a trading strategy of going short on the counter and buy it at lower levels. While there is no evidence so far there is anything illegal taking place, traders may want to use extra caution when making up their mind about HWIC

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