Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:INO): Vaccine Market May Prove To Be A Boon

by Liza Smith | Thursday, Apr 10, 2014 | 5082 views

Boston, MA, 04/10/2014  (usastockreport) – From being a newbie on the Pharmaceutical block to becoming top hitter on various investor’s list, Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:INO) gained its first momentum at an initial stage by getting recognition form the World Vaccine Congress. Inovio operates in the field of making vaccines that are DNA-based. Contrary to other vaccines, these work by spiking the body with neutered or live viruses. The unique and cutting edge technology has led Inovio to amass approximately 10 different vaccines that are being developed by the company on SynCon. (Synthetic Consensus) The company has potential to effect market positively in a big way!

Teaming up on the cards

Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:INO) on April 1, announced a new Vice President of Quality as E.J. Brandreth. In order to ensure consistent growth and compliances by the company, Inovio has trusted Mr. Brandreth for quality and compliance functions. The company is looking forward to expansion and thus he will play a chief role in scaling up operational and manufacturing operations in the area of development of DNA vaccines.

The company has recently juggled and shuffled some key managerial and operational positions to ensure everything on the right tract. In the furtherance of the same, Inovio has recently promoted three executives too. It’ll be interesting to see the team in action towards rapid market growth.

Best Therapeutic Vaccine

At the prestigious World Vaccine Congress, Inovio Pharmaceuticals received three awards in a row, which brilliantly focused on its present and prospective potential to grow and develop in the market of vaccine. It was awarded “Best Therapeutic Vaccine” for development in cervical pre-cancers immunotherapy. It was also awarded with “Best Early Stage Vaccine Biotech” and “Best Licensing Deal” for a spectacular and profitable collaboration with Roche for DNA-based therapies for hepatitis B and prostate cancer.

President and CEO, Dr. H. Joseph Kim overwhelmingly appreciated the recognition bestowed upon by the World Vaccine Congress. All this is a strong signal towards Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:INO)’s growing innovation and leadership in the field of vaccines and immunotherapy. It has potential both on the development and commercial scale.

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