Investors Excited over US Precious Metals Stock

by Tom Carlson | Saturday, Feb 11, 2012 | 500 views

US precious metals is a stock that has caught our eye due to some activity involved in the counter. Investors who have invested over the previous month have every right to be excited on the stock due to the amazing chart patterns that are reflecting on the counter.  Closing trade at $0.315 per share, USPR advanced 14.55%, its highest percentage gain since Jan. 6. Moreover, USPR stock enjoyed increased investor interest as more than 1.12 million shares changed hands by the time trading came to a halt

Fundamentally speaking with the improved industrial production the company would have had good quarters and hence would have reported good numbers. With the rise in commodity prices across the globe the company’s top line growth would have been significantly higher over the December quarter. The company also caters to the Chinese and the Indian markets where the rapid development also requires higher use of steel. This would augur well for the company over the longer run.

Based in Florida, U.S. Precious Metals is an exploration-stage company which specializes in researching Mexican properties for precious metal deposits. As a diligent SEC filer, the company has stuck to an open-door financial policy. The company currently has a cash reserve of $30,000. It has a current ratio of 0.30. However, the company is still not a safe stock in terms of fundamentals. As the results like the stock have been quite volatile. The company has not been able to generate constant revenues since its inception adding more pressure on the stock over fundamentals.

As mentioned investors can take a look at the stock over the next three weeks on the backdrop of the charts and not venture into the fundamental strength of the company.

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