Life Design Station International on the Move

by Paul Wilson | Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 | 563 views

Life Design Station International, Inc. (OTCPink:LDSI), doing business as Backstage Vibe (TM), made two announcements on Monday.  First it announced that due to the growing number of pre-registrations to its online social media community, it has the resources to accelerate the full launch of its website,  Backstage Vibe (TM), to August 15th. It also announced that it had received an endorsement from R&B recording artist and producer Damion Hall.


LDSI’s trading volume jumped from almost nothing to almost 8 million shares changing hands on Monday.


The company is developing an internet-based platform designed to provide an online marketplace and social media community; where entertainers and producers can produce, promote, share and sell their music to other artists and music lovers in the U.S. and internationally. Users will be able access the company’s online payment system in six different languages.


For producers and promoters, it is hoped that Backstage Vibe (TM) will be a place where they can discover new talent, and promote their clients and their own business and services. They will also have a chance to sell products.


For artists, it is hoped the site will be a place where they can share new songs and collaborate with other artists; sell music and post videos; publicize themselves, their music and events; and communicate with fans. The site will allow artists to set their own pricing and sell merchandise other than music.


For fans, it is hoped the site will be a place where they can purchase concert tickets, music and merchandise; provide feedback directly to artists; discover new and different artists; watch live streaming events and get news on concerts and other events.


The company is run by Janina Ramos-Cabera, its CEO. Ms. Cabera’s family owns a music studio in Miami, so she appears to have grown up in the music industry. She also has over 20 years’ experience as a promoter, studio manager and producer. The idea seems to be to foster the feeling of backstage at a concert, hence most likely the website’s name – Backstage Vibe (TM).


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