Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): Over-Flooding Kitty Of Plans And Ventures

by Darcie | Friday, Apr 4, 2014 | 1099 views

Boston, MA, 04/04/2014 (usastockreports) – America based Multinational tycoon in the field of software development and allied services Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is having a cake walk experience in expansion and exploration of new niches in the market. From new ventures to development, research to expansion, profits to growth, it has remarkably performed well in every sector. Microsoft is still going strong and has great upcoming projects for providing better experience to its customers, investors and shareholders. Some of the noticeable one featured here.

Welcome Microsoft’s brainchild Cortana

In a smartphone-oriented world, where competitors are emerging with new cutting edge technologies and research ventures, it’s important to play your best to be in the battle of titans. Well, recently Microsoft just proving the same announced to launch of the most high-profile virtual assistant of Windows phone 8.1 popularly called as Cortana. Joe Belfiore, corporate VP of Microsoft’s OS group sad that Cortana has amazing features in addition to all basic features of Siri-virtual assistant of iPhones of Apple Inc. (NYSE:APPL). It knows its customers well and would prove to be a great assistance in email browsing, web surfing, data management etc.

Establishment of .NET Foundation

Recently Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) collaborated with Xamarin for supporting .NET Foundation. Microsoft has extended its support to foster collaboration efforts as well as advancement in .NET technologies pertaining to open source. It is estimated that over 6 million C# developers along with other communities will get benefit from the innovations and participation in the Foundation. Thus, Microsoft’s contribution would lead to exponential development of .NET technologies to all possible platforms thereby accelerating the rate of innovation. This will confer great benefits to both IT sector and Microsoft.

New cloud experience to customers

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently announced its much-awaited project of cloud experience that has potential to bring cross-platform technologies together along with services and tools. This has enabled the developers and businesses to innovate at startup speed through the Azure preview Portal of Microsoft. The project aims to remove traditional barriers for enhancement of customer’s experience and creating revolution in the cloud development.

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