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Basont, MA, 03/28/2013 – Positive hormone trial has helped Repros to register the highest gains on NASDAQ today. Repros Therapeutics reported that both its primary endpoints were successfully met in first pivotal study of Androxal. Repros Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:RPRX) are currently trading at a price of 16.1 from the open today morning. The stock has traded a volume of 10039809 compared to its average daily volume of 766.80K shares. The return on equity stands at -131.17% while the return on assets equal to -110.45%. The stock is at -15.79% below its 52 week high and 337.5% above its 52 week low with a RSI of 72.85. Currently the stock is trading with a change of 76.34% from its yesterday’s closing day.

LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ:LIVE) specializes in the Internet Information Providers industry with a market capitalization of 10.13M and a return on assets and equity of -44.94% and -89.46% respectively. The stock prices were boosted by a PPC program initiated by the company. The stocks, at present, is trading at 86.29% above its 50 day low with a RSI of 64.78. The stock last traded at 3.67 with a change of 17.82% from open.

 Stocks of Mecox Lane Limited (NASDAQ:MCOX) surged by 16.67% and are presently trading at a change of 23.15% from its close on the last trading session and 16.67% from its open today morning. With no news released by the company, the reason for today’s surge is unknown. The company’s financial report released in early March were not impressive registering net loses. The stock has traded with a volume of 77295 compared to its average trading volume of 14.30K shares. The RSI stands at 63.55 while the ROA and ROE are -17.84% and -24.94% respectively. The company engages in Specialty Retail, Other industry and Services sector.

 Parametric Sound Corp. (NASDAQ:PAMT) is currently trading with  a change of 9.38% from its open today morning. The market capitalization for the company stands at 128.52M and a RSI of 74.95. The stock is trading with a volume of 803381 compared to its daily average volume of 200.02K and a ROE and ROA of -111.94% and -102.71% respectively. However, the stock is trading at 474.5% above its 52 week low and 6.65% below its 52 week high. The total shares outstanding at this time are approximately 6.41M. Parametric Sound Corp. hold expertise in the Communication Equipment industry and Technology sector.

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