Penn Virginia (NYSE:PVA)’s shares decline by 7.07% – EXM, MHR

Northern, WI 04/09/2013 (usastockreport) – Penn Virginia (NYSE:PVA) is trading at $3.81 and is down 7.07%. They opened this morning at $4.00 per share and previously closed at $4.10. The daily range has been $3.76-$4.02 and the 52 week range has been $3.56-$7.74. The market capitalization is $2 08.34 million with 585,982 shares outstanding. The earnings per share is -2.22 with a beta of 1.61. On April 4th Penn Virginia acquired 19,000 acres from Magnum Hunter Resources for $401 million. In this property are 49 wells and 11 other wells that are under construction or in the process of being completed. To finance this deal Penn Virginia used senior notes bet in addition to their previous debts. There will now be over a billion dollars in debt on their books.

Excel Maritime Carriers (NYSE:EXM) is a cargo transportation service that transports coal, sugar, steel and other various products worldwide. The stock is trading at $0.810 per share which is down by 2.19%. It previously closed at $.83 which is the same price it opened at this morning. The 52 week range of the stock is $.36 – $1.91 with an average volume of 1,231,810. The market capitalization is $78.18 million and there are 648,454 outstanding shares. In the past three months, Excel Maritime Carriers stock has fluctuated, but recently experienced an increase beginning in the second and third weeks in March.

Magnum Hunter Resources (NYSE:MHR) is currently trading at $3.96 which is down by 1.98%. The stock opened at $3.95 and previously closed at $4.04 on Friday. The market capitalization is $661.10 million with 1,868,983 shares outstanding and an average volume of 1,878,472 shares. The earnings per share of the stock is -.96 and the beta is 2.32. Magnum Hunter Resources is a production company that engages in the development, production and acquisition of oil and natural gas in the United States. Recently Mangum Hunter Resources announced they were to sell their shares of Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas properties for a total price of 401 million dollars. This subsidiary was fully owned by Magnum Hunter, and will be owned by Penn Virginia.

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