Special Opportunities Fund Inc. (NYSE:SPE) Carries Forward

by Tom Kelly | Monday, Mar 10, 2014 | 1204 views

Boston, MA, 03/10/2014 – Special Opportunities Fund Inc. (NYSE:SPE) is a $127.62 million market cap company which offers dividends with substantial yield. The price at which it currently trades on the stock market is $16.30, which is reportedly higher than its average price.

The company has reported increase of 0.18% in the past trading session. The range at which this company trades on the stock market is $16.11 and $16.33. The 52-week high is $19.05 and the 52-week low is $16.11. The share opened, in the previous trading sessions at $16.28.

Special Opportunities Fund Inc. (NYSE:SPE) also holds outstanding share of $7.83 million and beta is 0.58. The dividend to yield ratio for the company is 1.10 to 6.75. The company, which was formerly the Insured Municipal Income Fund Inc, has been a closed-end diversified management investment company. The company also hold several other investment funds which it sees returns. The goal of the funds invested, according to a company release is the total return on the Income Research and Management or IRM is a sub-advisor of the Fund. Additionally, the Brooklyn Capital Management LLC is also known to serve in the capacity of Administrator for the funds.

Special Opportunities Fund Inc. (NYSE:SPE) operates from Milwaukee, in WI and is currently headed by Philip F.Goldstein who is the Chairman of the Board and the Secretary. The President and Director position is held by Andrew Dakos. The Chief Financial officer, and the Chief Compliance officer, Director is Gerald Hellerman. The current treasurer and holding the post of Vice President is Rajeev Das. The company now holds Independent Director’s post by James M. Chadwick. Other Independent Directors here are Ben Harris and Charles C.Waden. Special Opportunities Fund Inc. (NYSE:SPE) is also known to be activist close-end fund and is managed by Chairman Phillip Goldstein’s, who also manages hedge fund Bulldog Investors.

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