Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S): 4G LTE Set To Catch The Speed In Rural America

by Fiona Gabriel | Monday, Apr 7, 2014 | 2300 views

Boston, MA, 04/07/2014 (usastockreports) – Internet has changed the world of people and it has stayed an important turning point for many of the companies providing the wireless network services. Sprint Corporation (NYSE:S) has always kept pace with the changing times and is therefore the third largest wireless network operator in the U.S. Now it has taken a step ahead to expand its 4G LTE services. It now intends to roll out the services to rural America and therefore has decided to team up with Competitive Carriers Association CCA and Net America Alliance.

The change in technology

Sprint has its expansion plans placed well in the place. 4G LTE roll out to rural America is the step taken in the same direction. It complements well the company previously plan to add a 700 MHZ Band 12, to its devices in the coming time. The company has already launched its phones with tri-band feature last year and now will be launching the Smartphones with Sprint Spark technology in year 2014. The latest developments have been taken well by the investors and have led to the stock to its 52 week high.

Improved services

Sprint wants to expand its 4G LTE network in all the major markets across the country.  It aims to provide better wireless services to the clients all over the world. At the same time it is taking the steps to improve its 3G service.  With the advent of 4g LTE network, the customers will be able to experience a much faster speed on their Smartphones. It is more about the signal than the speed. It will allow them to complete their work easily when they are on move.

Customer Satisfaction is the key

The better network will provide additional facilities to the consumers. Also it will allow the use of advanced cloud services that is making a good noise in the world of internet.  Overall it will result in the enhanced customer satisfaction leading to the increased market share in the industry.

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