Sunbelt International volatile and liquid stocks

by Fiona Gabriel | Saturday, Feb 11, 2012 | 464 views

One company that has caught attention over the period has been Sunbelt international has been moving up the charts rapidly. The stock was highly volatile and illiquid over the past few months. However now there seems to be enough liquidity in the markets.  The stock has moved over the week causing investors huge gains on the counter.

Fundamentally the stock has signed agreement to supply water turbines across Asia. This will significantly help improve the revenue generating ability of the company over the long run.  The deal calls for Sunbelt International to provide Water Turbines, which will generate up to six megawatts of power. This production of energy will allow Promithian to operate more efficiently. The company’s turbines will replace diesel generators Diesel generators were previously used as a power source for these types of more costly alternative to energy produced by hydropower at a ratio of approximately $1: $0.16 respectively for diesel generators versus In Water Turbines. This could benefit the company in the longer run as diesel prices increases in developing markets they could start utlising turbines to reduce cost and improve operational efficiency.

The company’s fundamentals cannot be viewed as the company does not disclose quarterly results. This is the third incarnation of SUNB which used to be Lux Energy Corp. and Onyx China, Inc. before that. SUNB’s website says the company manufactures wind turbines and solar prowinder hybrids in China.

Since there is not much details on the financials of the company investing on the stock could merely be a speculative activity which may not bear much results. One needs to wait and watch if the company could shed more light into its business and then we would provide appropriate recommendations.

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