What Is Around The Corner For Motorcar Parts Of America, Inc. (NASDAQ:MPAA)?

Boston, MA, 03/06/2014 – Motorcar Parts Of America, Inc. (NASDAQ:MPAA) elicits feelings of victory, and rightly so, the stock has a history of not only posting earnings growth in the past several reports, but also shuttering expectations. But can the stock keep on making a fool out of the targets analysts are placing on its performance? The answer is provided.

The company functions in the auto spares market where it deals with distribution of remanufactured and new auto components such as brake calipers, hub assembly master cylinders and more. That being said, the excitement in the auto industry is particularly one reason this stock might continue delivering surprise earnings – starting with the next report.

Motorcar Parts Of America, Inc. (NASDAQ:MPAA) has seen compelling earnings streak and estimates beats. Looking at the last two reports, one cannot help noticing that the company has exceeded expectations by almost 50 percent.

In the past two quarters, the company expected to end up with earnings per share of $0.27, but it actually attained earnings per share of $0.36. And in the most recent quarter, Motorcar Parts Of America, Inc. (NASDAQ:MPAA) was looking for earnings per share $0.26, but things turned out to be $0.39 per share, thus exceeding expectations by 50 percent. Such incidents are many, anyway.

Earnings revision

Motorcar Parts Of America, Inc. (NASDAQ:MPAA) has been having its earnings estimates moving higher, being a positive indication that better things are still ahead. Zacks in particular has observed a “Strong Buy” recommendation on the stock.

As mentioned earlier, Motorcar Parts Of America, Inc. (NASDAQ:MPAA) is getting support from a largely bullish industry. But beyond that, the company has a lot of its internal arrangements in perfect order. It is no wonder that in the last 30 days, analysts have revised their earnings estimates in the current quarter for the stock up from $0.39 to $0.41.

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